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Speaking at Denver Startup Week!

Bri Mahon4 Comments
Speaking at Denver Startup Week!

I am so excited to share my experience speaking at Denver Startup Week this past Friday!

I was invited by Sprocket Communications to speak on the power of micro-influencers specifically on Instagram. Here, I’m sharing my insights and answers to the questions asked to the panel!

Be sure to click the video links to see my answers to these questions in live-time!

What is a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are people on Instagram with a following of less than 100,000 and at times even with followings of 1,000-10,000. There is power in this number because as most of you know, when follower count goes up, often the engagement ratio on posts go down. The micro-influencer is powerful because they have a real, authentic connection and at trusted following. A trusted source means that the products they are sharing and endorsing mean something to them, and their followers are in some ways more likely to also purchase and share the products.

Why are micro-influceners effective for big brands and small?

Micro-influencers are authentic, trusted storytellers. At the end of the day, storytelling is the most powerful tool in selling a brand or a service. Micro-influencers have trusted followers and higher engagement ratios. In addition, they have their own style and creative freedom to express who they are when working with a brand! A plus for businesses and products is that micro-influencers are more affordable than celebrity influencers.

They are niche-focused. More likely than not, they have something they do that reflects in their Instagram. If a brand fits into their lifestyle (ex: health and wellness) it makes more sense for an influencer to endorse that brand and speak on their expertise. Any celebrity can claim they love health and wellness and that the new supplement they were given to post about “works,” but how many of us would trust a celebrity vs. someone we are following and trust, maybe even our own best friend?

How do you benefit brands as an influencer?

As a photographer and content creator, my value is initially in taking catching content, but my focus is in continuing the client relationship and signing them on for a longer term deal. My company, Triarc, is a one stop shop for marketing. After the initial connection I make with a brand, I hope to continue the relationship and have them sign on for other services that are long-lasting.

What do I do when I work with brands?


Which social media channels are most effective for influencer engagement?

Instagram is a dead giveaway for many reasons; it’s the most used platform for individuals, businesses, and brands. However, if influencers really want significant a larger reach, I see power in always using 2+ platforms. Whether that’s Instagram and Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, website blogging, etc.

There is an entire world on each of these platforms and any influencer is missing out on an entire segment of the market if they are only using one single platform

What is your favorite platform?


How do you find success working with brands on Instagram as an Influencer?

I define success in 2 ways when I work with a brand. It’s more than just “likes” on a photo- watch the video to learn more!


What is the best way for brands to reach out to influencers? How do you decide on what brands to work with? How to best create ongoing relationships?

The best way to reach out to influencers is reaching out! I always recommend direct messaging or emailing if their contact information is in their bio. It’s important to establish a relationship, and networking online is an amazing tool. To create lasting relationships and brand/influencer loyalty, face-to-face connection is important whether it’s meeting in person or on Zoom/Skype/etc. As a brand, that will allow you to create a lasting advocate for your company; and as an influencer, it can transform the relationship into a client.

I choose to work with brands I believe in! Being selective is important. I’m not just going to take photos, endorse, or post for a brand that doesn’t reflect what I believe in. I’m looking for brands to grow with, that support me as much as I support them. Saying yes to everything dilutes the power in choosing and the trust from your followers.

Pricing / negotiation- how do influencers know how much to charge? How to businesses pay micro-influencers? What is the involvement?

It’s important to lay out the guidelines at the beginning of any business relationship. I recommend signing a contract or requesting x amount of posts or photos for either $ or product trade. In addition, as an influencer it’s SO important to know your worth. Regardless if you are just getting started off your feet and getting brands to notice you or if this is your job and your career, you should be getting paid! If companies want to just send you product and say “post if you love it” that’s one thing, but if they are specifically saying we will send you product if you give us x , it’s important to know your worth. The only way to build sustainable income is to charge and to know your worth!

It’s the same as saying no to products you don’t believe in! You want to work with products that recognize your amazing self and talent, and may be willing to pay for it. At the end of the day, it’s different for every relationship and every product and influencer, but in my opinion if you don’t ask, you never know. Most brands are willing to extend money to an influencer that believes in their product and takes the time to post, whether it’s on their Instagram feed or story.

More Questions for me? I would LOVE to continue this dynamic conversation! Comment below, reach out via DM or email, and let’s talk. Visit for more answers to your marketing questions!