Bri Mahon

Running a biz with hubby

Bri Mahon
Running a biz with hubby

The question I get asked the most is:

HOW do Blake and I run a business together AND continue to stay happy in our marriage?

For many people, this seem like an out of world or body concept that just wouldn’t work. Marriage + business partners = fail.

I am here to speak to why it works, how it works, and reflect on our mindset. I don’t downplay or up-play what is, I want to be honest and straightforward because it works for us, and maybe for other partners or married couples it wouldn’t work out at all.

So for those of you who don’t know, and many of you that do, Blake and I:

1. Are married

2. Run a business together

3. Are happy and thriving :)

Blake and I met in Costa Rica in a demanding curriculum that pushed us to rely on each other for emotional, practical and intellectual support. Our relationship has always thrived knowing we are collaborating and working together to create a life that we love. Right off the bat, we had a relationship that thrived off a work environment that was dynamic and demanding. We have only taken this to just fit into our lifestyle. It’s never been strange or weird or out of our comfort zone to work together so closely and also have our marriage thrive.

We have always agreed to put our marriage and relationship first. With that, our business wouldn’t thrive if we always brought in our marriage into what we do, with our employees and contractors needing our support every single day. We focus on communicating and listening. One of the best practices in establishing and running a business together is to truly actively listen to one another.

To have a thriving work environment, we drop our shit when we have it. We create time and space to be in business and to be in relationship. That being said, we love our business and talk about it frequently, every day, because it’s just a beautiful part of our life together. But when we are in meetings, working on financial, etc, we drop in completely. We focus and we respect each other. If there are issues that come up, we address them immediately when it makes sense to clear the air.

The most valuable thing I have learned is to listen and love harder. Blake’s opinion may be different than mine, but it is valid and true and authentic to him. To listen and love and understand is the best lesson running a business together has taught me. It has only strengthened our relationship in and out of work, and our skillsets and tool boxes feel like they are building constantly.

We are stronger when we learn from each other. :)