Bri Mahon

TRANSFORM. Get clear on your BEST life.

Bri Mahon
TRANSFORM. Get clear on your BEST life.

OKAY let's get real, how many of you work your ass off, have 2-3 side hustles, and are constantly feeling a little bit crazy and drained and little stuck? 

I was there, and honestly and it's a growing process still figuring it out. But hot damn I am clearer than I ever have been before.  If you're like me and take on way too many projects, have deep passions, and have the tendency to overbook yourself - KEEP READING TO GET SOME CLARITY! 

I am going to share with you the moments that gave me clarity- the questions, the podcasts, the journaling moments, all of it, yes yes yes.

A month ago I hit a wall. My body said no. I struggled to even make it to yoga without hitting fatigue. I was working from 6 am-10 pm every single day, I was drinking what felt like a gallon of wine every night, and was juggling everything to make it work but feeling low on energy and unsatisfied. I was unclear, not sure of what direction to go in, and straight up exhausted.

In the process of many conversations with beautiful friends and family and recognizing how much I talked about how tired I am, I  knew to get clear on not just one thing, I had to be clear in EVERYTHING. I chose to make BIG changes: to do less and focus on my health and wellbeing, inside out.

In 2 weeks this is what happened: 

I changed everything up. I changed my diet, started Whole 30, cut out drinking, cut out coffee (that's when realized I am crazy.) I changed my teaching schedule for my fitness classes. I let go of three classes in one week because I knew deep down that I was draining myself by trying on too many hats. I was teaching so much and so exhausted that I couldn't be productive and didn't have anything to give for my business, Triarc. Blake and I moved to a different space in a beautiful neighborhood, we literally got rid of almost everything. We got new furniture, appliances, and gave away EVERYTHING that we haven't used in over a year. I got rid of clothes, jewelry, pots and pans, we limited our silverware, our cups, our mugs, etc. etc.  

I started listening to podcasts and allowing myself to sleep in instead of forcing my body to wake up and make a work out class I could barely muster the energy for. I gave into rest, I allowed my mind to wander, I began to give myself more love than anything else. I took time for my relationships. I picked up the phone when a friend called instead of "getting back to them" because I was too busy. I watched TV (LOL this is a funny one for me because I don't ever watch TV.) I relaxed, I was quiet with myself, I worked on myself. It was a shift, and I am now a month into this process. 

That first week I journaled and listened and talked.

My favorite questions were: 

1. What am I energized by beyond ANYTHING else?

2. What is something I would do even if you weren't paid? 

3. Let go of limitations- what is my DREAM career? 

4. What do my friends and family naturally see you GOOD/GREAT at? 

5. What is holding me back? Truly what is it? Money, 9-5 job, relationships, location? 

I started to peel back the layers, figure it out, and now a month in I am on a roll with continuing to LOVE myself and put myself first. 

It's not about adding more onto your plate- it's letting that shit go and focusing on ONE thing. It's the thing you talk about with your friends and family that makes you feel passionate fire. My whole life I have never really had "one thing" - I have put my heart into multiple things and have always felt a little torn. Regardless of my one thing that I feel passion and energy about and what exactly I land on, it feels relieving to know I am on a path of releasing and letting things go I don't need.


Ready for more goodies on how to get clear? 


Recipe for Clarity:

1. 5 minute journal (or just journalling 5 minutes in the am, 5 in the pm)

2. Saying no- only say yes to thing that makes you feel like HELL YES YESYES..

3. Sleep - a lot of it. 

4. Cut the crap out. I know. Is it sugar? Alcohol? Can you do it for 1 week? Find a friend to do it with you! 

5. Walk, run, move your body. Whatever it is, spend some solo time outside. 

6. Podcast it up! Listen to these podcasts for inspiration (all are on spotify):

  • The Ultimate Health Podcast
  • Gals on the Go (on Spotify)
  • Girlboss Radio
  • TED Radio Hour

7. Listen to good fun music: 

My spotify username is Brisicle- find me so I can follow you and we can share our playlists! 

8. Talk to your friends and family about everything and be willing to get vulerable and real. They will help you SHINE. 

9. Turn off your phone. 

10. Deep breathing and softening. It's a process, give it time and patience. Breathe. 


All in all, if you believe in you in the process and in getting clear, you will get there. Make the shift and the change today because you are WORTH it! 

Would love to know your favorite Podcasts, books, best journaling questions! Share with me :)